What To Wear To A Wedding

Once you click RSVP, it’s time to start planning your wedding outfit. Every wedding is different and each will have its own dress code, and sometimes deciding on an outfit can be stressful! But don’t panic, to make your life a little easier I’ve laid out some outfit ideas for every type of wedding.

Night Weddings
A wedding after dark is usually a fancy affair. Cocktail dresses and long evening gowns are both safe, reliable choices. Look for dresses that have some interesting details and embellishments, from beading to the fabric. Just make sure the color palette isn’t the same as the bridal party!

Day Weddings
A wedding under the sun lets you get away with more color and more casual. Elegant summer, flowy dresses, classy jumpsuits, pumps, dressy flats and cute sandals are all at your disposal for a day wedding.

Casual weddings are open to interpretation, but you can always rely on the season and the venue to guide your choices. Like day weddings, you can easily get away with summer dresses, two-piece looks, cute flats and wedges.

Black Tie
Like night weddings, formal gowns and dressy cocktail dresses are perfect for a black-tie wedding, and heels are almost always a must. For black-tie, it’s important to strike a balance between sexy and modest and respectful.

Cocktail and Semi-Formal
Not quite as fancy as black-tie or evening, but definitely not casual. A classic cocktail dress, your trusty LBD, a dressy jumpsuit or a chic pantsuit could all do the most for you.

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Marina Teramond @ NMPL
October 17, 20212:57 am

To tell the truth, as for any woman it is a difficult task for me to pick up an outfit and decide on it, especially when it comes to such important events as a wedding. Recently I have been invited to the wedding of my best friend and I really want to look my best, but to implement it into reality you need to take details into account while choosing the dress. I absolutely agree with you that it is important to select the wedding outfit depending on the theme and dress code of this event. My friend’s wedding will be at night and I already know what I’m gonna wear because your selection can’t leave anyone indifferent. Moreover, I fall in love with cocktail dresses and I think it is the best choice for this kind of event at this time of day because they are so elegant and perfectly match this evening atmosphere.

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