Basic Pieces You Need In Your Closet

All the greatest architectural wonders were built on a solid foundation so that they could stand the test of time. It may seem a little dramatic, but your outfits are exactly the same. The best looks are built from and held together by basic pieces that are timeless and versatile.

Firstly, having select staples in your closet makes day-to-day dressing a lot easier and way less stressful. They remove the frantic outfit changes and last-minute Googling by giving you the building blocks you need to throw together a look that works with whatever style you’re exploring.

Secondly, the more basics you have, the better. Essential items change with the seasons and trends, so it’s important to buy pieces that can easily transition between both. Having a range of basics also gives you more room to play mix and match.

I’ve worked hard to cultivate wardrobe essentials that not only work for me but can be adapted to suit anyone’s style. Here are some of my favorite items that hold all my looks together. Experiment and have fun!






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