Spring Trends I Love And Others I Could Do Without

Spring has sprung, and so have spring fashion trends! I kept my eyes glued to Fashion Week and social platforms to see what was gonna make it from the runway to the streets and our closets. Much like life, you gotta take the bad with the good! So, here’s my list of the Spring trends I LOVE and others that, well, not so much.

Trends I love:

Knit sets
After the mess that was 2020, we’re going for feel-good this season! Knit sets are the perfect balance between chic and loungewear while still giving you total comfort.

Chunky Boots
Chunky boots will always be a staple, and I’m not mad about it. They’re practical, effortless and versatile and scream “I’m HERE!” No closet is complete without them, including mine.

Wide Leg Pants
They made a comeback in Fall 2020 and it looks like they’re here to stay! I love wide-leg pants because they really help with proportions, meaning they’re great for all body types.

Head Scarfs
This accessory is a nod to the past and I’m so glad it’s made a comeback! Donning a head scarf will bring your outfit to life in a sleek, chic way.

Trends I could do without:

White Knee-High Boots
I love a throwback to the 60s, but not in the form of white knee-high boots. The go-go dancer look just isn’t for me. And, a small scuff or a bit of dirt on a white shoe is instantly recognizable, no thanks!

Don’t get me wrong, I love colorful pieces that are playful and vibrant, but patchwork is missing the mark for me. While the design certainly makes a statement, the patchwork is incredibly loud and adds a level of chaos to a look.

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