My Favorite Denim Brands

My Favorite Denim Brands

A lot of things in life are uncertain at the moment, but one thing we can count on is that denim is timeless. Page through fashion archives and you’re bound to see denim making an appearance in every decade.

It’s key to invest in solid pairs of jeans because they’ll most likely be with you for a while. It’s also important to spend the time finding the pairs that fit you right and accentuate all the best parts of your body. Trust me, when jeans don’t fit well, it’s noticeable.

Lastly, jeans need to be comfortable and durable. If they’re going to be doing life with you, they need to stand the test of time, seasons and all the ups and downs life throws at us. Instead of facilitating fast fashion, spend a little extra on reliable brands that you know offer good quality items.

On that note, I’ve created a list of my favorite denim brands that I’ve relied on for years. They have my heart and they’re sure to grab yours too!

My Favorite Denim Brands








Mother Denim

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