Life-changing Apps You Should Have On Your Phone

Though we may not want to admit it, our phones are our lives. They’re no longer just for communication, they’re for coordinating and planning our every move.

Since we rely on them so much and we’re practically glued to them, we may as well make the most of our phones and tailor them to our needs.

Here are some life-changing apps that you need…like now.

Notion is a project manager’s dream. Coordinate teams, projects, assignments, and keep everything on track.

CapCut makes video editing quick, easy, and always produces the best results.

Tezza is the aesthetic photo editing app you’ve been waiting for. Its editing tools are simple and its presets are beautiful.

Spritz is here to help you get your daily reading in. It scans the written content of any website (including your favorite news sites) and visually reads it back to you at up to 1100 words per minute.

Canva makes graphic design easy and accessible. Social media posts, business cards, presentations, you can do it all on Canva.

Scanner by Google, it’s in the name! Scan photos and other documents and save them directly to your phone, glare-free.

Wacom Notes converts your handwritten digital notes into smart digital documents.

Balance keeps your whole being in check with personalized meditations.

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