Jewelry Trends For 2022

We’ve covered the biggest fashion trends that have kickstarted the new year, but now you need some accessories to take that outfit to the next level. Here are the 2022 jewelry trends that are set to make waves.

Pearl necklaces
Pearl necklaces are shifting from just special occasions to everyday wear, and I’m here for it. What’s making them stand out this year is that designers are going bold by playing with shapes, sizes and colors.

Necklaces with your name
Thanks to the reemergence of Carrie Bradshaw, Just Like That, nameplate names are back. Nothing beats personalization.

Tennis necklaces
Tennis necklaces have been popping up in all the trends lists this year and for good reason. While they’ve always been associated with black tie moments, they’re creeping into casual wear and I’m so glad they are. 

Body chains
Definitely a spring trend, body chains are a great way to add some uniqueness to your look. They’re also a nod to the early 2000s, which we love.

Large stone-set rings
Designers are going big this year, in every sense! Large stone-set rings are making an impact with their bold and commanding style.

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