Brands You Should Be Shopping On Amazon

Amazon is basically the internet’s everything store. If you can think of it, it’s probably available on Amazon. To make sure they hold that status, Amazon has spent the last few years introducing in-house brands to their fashion catalogue. This introduction has put Amazon in a really good place, solidifying the website as a firm favourite. Here are some of my favourite Amazon brands you need to get your hands on.

Wild Meadow gives you all the basics you need, but with a cool 90s feel. Their sizing goes up to XXL and nothing is over $30.

Amazon Essentials gives you anything but boring essentials. From leggings to camis, the whole range is size, budget and phase of life inclusive.

Goodthreads used to cater to just the dudes but has since expanded into womenswear. It includes all the wardrobe staples, like sundresses, chinos and button-downs.

Daily Ritual is the go-to for all comfy clothes. Their sizes also run up to 7X, meaning it is inclusive and appeals to a greater audience.

The Drop is probably the most desirable out of all the brands due to its limited-edition, exclusive nature. The brand has employed the talents of bloggers and influencers to curate capsule collections that are only available for 30 hours at a time.

Levis and denim, the power couple since the dawn of time. Need I say more?

Sea is where cottage core dreams are made! Billowy, cute and breezy is the name of their game.

Cushnie is where you go for all things luxe. Their pieces are made to elevate and turn heads.

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