Noncommittal Gifts To Give To The Man You Recently Started Dating

Congratulations on starting a new relationship, typically the start of a relationship is the best time, and you would want to make it memorable without going overboard. So, I’ve decided to help you out in finding good noncommittal gifts for the man in your life.

Noncommittal Gifts To Give To The Man You Recently Started Dating


Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are a safe option to gift anyone, whether it be your brother or your boyfriend. They are a useful gadget that they can use everywhere.



If your guy is passionate about cooking, then you can get him a cookbook with new recipes. A cookbook is a sweet gesture and also shows that you have put in a bit of care and thought into what he likes or dislikes.


Sugarfina Candy

You can never go wrong with candy, and these sugary treats are not only delicious but they also come in beautiful packaging. I always give my extended family little gifts from this shop and they absolutely love it. There gummy bears are also all-natural, fat-free and contain 30% less sugar than other candies.


A Nice Leather Wallet

A man can never have enough wallets, and leather wallets are a great gift to give to friends and family. The gift is useful and also small, so it doesn’t feel like you are making an extra grand gesture for anyone.


Airpod Case

If you’re someone who wants to invest a little on gifts, then you can also consider getting your guy an AirPods case. The actual AirPods are expensive and might give off a solid impression; therefore, you need to steer clear of them for now. There are a lot of cute Airpod cases available online, and you can even get custom ones designed according to a theme or a series or show that he likes.


A French Press

French presses are unconventional and unique gifts to give to someone, and you can give this to someone that can’t start the day without a dose of their morning coffee. A french press is a tool used to brew your coffee, and they can be made to make many different and exciting brews, and you can even play around with it to create new blends that you like.


A Yeti Bottle

Water bottles may seem like an odd gift, but they are actually a great and useful gift.  They are also a reminder to stay hydrated.Yeti are stainless steel insulated water bottles that I actually vouch for. They literally changed my life and I have gifted one to every family member since I discovered them.

The water bottle is dishwasher safe and also fashionable, which means that you can carry it around anywhere you go.



A decanter is a perfect gift for someone that is passionate about wine or whisky. They are timeless, elegant and useful.

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