How to Pack Like a Pro

Packing light always seems to sound so easy — until you start packing. However, it will be absolutely worth it. By keeping things simple, not only can you enjoy travel comfortably, avoid paying extra check-in fees but you could also save time while you skip the wait at the baggage claim! Luckily, you won’t need a masterclass for this. By practicing the following tips, you will be able to pack like a pro in no time.

How to Pack Like a Pro

How to Pack Like a Pro

1. Always make a list

Usually just a week before my trip, I would make a few lists of things to pack. I often categorize my packing list by using management apps like Trello as it makes packing more efficient. Reason being, it allows me to access and edit my list wherever I am. For instance, if I happen to remember that I have to pack my phone charger while at work, I can easily access it via my phone or login to Trello through the laptop and add it to my packing list.

2. Packing according to the occasion

Packing according to the occasion can help simplify the packing process because usually, you would already have an idea of what to wear. For instance, if I know I am going to a special event or a wedding — I will pack a dress and a pair of heels depending where the venue is. On the contrary if I am attending a business event, I would pack a pair of slacks, a blazer, and a bag.

If you are not travelling for a specific occasion, a good tip is to pack according to the days that you are travelling. This will give you a guide to how many garments you should take with you on your trip. This will help you to avoid overpacking. Another way to travel light is packing versatile pieces. It could be a classic black or white camisole that matches all your skirt and pants or a earth color jacket that goes with all the colors of your clothes. You will be surprised with all the space that’s left in your luggage.

3. Go Marie Kondo Style

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of Marie Kondo. Instead of folding the clothes, she uses the rolling technique. What you essentially do with this technique is rolling all your garments: socks, t-shirts, pants, etc. By doing this, it creates more space for other items you might want to bring along while travelling. However, keep in mind when it comes to packing your shoes, be sure to place them inside a clean plastic bag as this avoids dirtying your clothes. I find this to be very helpful and efficient whenever I do my packing.

4. Tips for packing toiletries.

Toiletries tend to take up the most space. A good trick is to get reusable travel-size bottles to fill your shampoo, bath gel, foundation, or any liquid items. You can get these items easily at your local hypermarket. Clear up your make-up bag and only take the essentials with you. It could be your foundation, an eyeliner, or an everyday lipstick and leave the rest at home so you’ll have what you need with you.

I hope this article has given you a few ideas on how to pack light. While packing is a very personal thing and everyone has their own way of packing, there’s no harm in trying the above tricks for yourself.


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