Online courses I recommend you take

Online courses I recommend you take

Knowledge is power, so it’s key that we empower and uplift ourselves with the resources we have available to us. In a growing digital world, online courses have taken over traditional learning spaces. Here are some online courses I think will help you excel and thrive.

Online Courses I Recommend You Take

The Science of Well-Being by Professor Laurie Santos

This free course (yes, FREE) will engage you in a number of challenges designed to increase your happiness and develop productive habits. You’ll learn all about gratitude, meditation, savoring and happiness.

Self-Made Entrepreneurship by Sara Blakely

If there’s one entrepreneur to learn from, it’s Sara Blakely. The self-made billionaire will let you in on her customer-first approach, tactics for prototyping, branding, building awareness, and bootstrapping your way to success. Business-savvy people, this one is for you.

Business Strategy & Leadership by Bob Iger

Need to expand your brand and make some forward-thinking moves, but unsure of where to start? Former Disney CEO, Bob Iger has the scoop and will help you evolve your business and career.

The Art of Negotiation by Chris Voss

FBI hostage negotiator, Chris Voss, has translated his years of experience into a masterclass that will help you navigate your everyday negotiations, from a salary increase to personal relationships.

Fundamentals of Photo Editing by Justin Bridges

Phone or DSLR, novice or pro, Justin Bridges will show you the ins and outs of Adobe Lightroom and how you can bring your photos to life!

Personal Branding: Crafting your Social Media Presence by Kate Arends

This class is for anyone who is looking to level up their online professional presence. Kate Arends shares her thoughtful, strategic approach to personal branding and why authenticity is key.

Animating with Ease in After Effects by Jake Bartlett

Calling all animators and motion designers! Jake Bartlett will guide you through the steps you need to take to gain control over the look and feel of your designs while helping you develop an aesthetic that will shine.

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