Fashion trends for 2022

A brand new year means brand new trends are here, and I am SO excited for every single one of them. Shout out to the designers for working tirelessly on fashion’s 2022 future! Here’s what to expect this year.

Cut-out pieces
Get in touch with your subtle sexy side with some statement cut-out pieces. This trend allows you to show some skin while still exuding class. Pair a cut-out piece with an item that’s more muted to balance out the sexy.

Leather pants
Leather pants have been creeping back into closets and onto runways, and this year, it looks like they’re here to stay. Play around this year with colors, styles, and occasions!

Utility jackets
Usually, in army shade green or khaki, utility jackets are the perfect pieces to complete any outfit. Lean into the military flair and elevate your looks with this simple yet versatile item.

Knee-high boots
Move out the way over-the-knee boots, knee-highs are where it’s at in 2022. The silhouette of knee-high boots is often understated and muted, giving you room to play with colors and textures in the rest of your outfit.

Knitted dresses
They made a splash in 2021, and that energy has carried through into the new year. Knitted dresses perfectly combine comfort with chic, making them a winter and autumn must-have!

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