Fashion Brands That Will Soon Reach Viral Status

Being such a fast-paced industry, there’s always something or someone in fashion on the horizon who’s bound to be the next best thing. The possibilities in fashion are endless and up and coming brands and designers continue to amaze and push boundaries. Keep your eye on these brands, they’re sure to go viral this year!

House of Sunny is turning heads with their funky faux-lined sweaters and their printed pants. Their silhouettes are strong and give off an overall less is more, chic feel.

Peter Do has been around for a while but the industry is only just catching on to his talent and vision. All his pieces are perfectly tailored and structured with fluidity as inspiration.

Miaou has been responsible for many of this year’s viral fashion moments (hello Julia Fox’s visible thong pants), so it’s no wonder that her empire is on the brink of viral status. Everything produced by Miaou is based on the designer’s preference and we love it.

Des Phemmes screams the 90s and Kurt Cobain, but with its own feminine reinterpretation. Think acid tones, crystal embellishments, and oversized cardigans.

AC9 is sensuality and sexuality personified. See-through chiffon, plunging necklines, exposed backs, and wet-look black silk is what makes this brand stand out.

Alessandro Vigilante produces pieces that explore the duality of femininity and masculinity. What comes from this exploration is a minimal and chic aesthetic.

Ottolinger is on its way to becoming a firm favorite. Their bold and deconstructed pieces really make them stand out.

Nanushka is dedicated to producing modern and elegant looks, geared towards simplicity and timelessness.

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