Basic Equipment For Creating Content At Home

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In a saturated world of content creators, the most important thing to do is invest in yourself so that you can stand out. Well-produced content is the most eye-catching and the most appreciated, so here are some basic pieces of equipment and apps to get going.

To make it as a content creator, your phone camera and natural light just aren’t going to cut it. Here’s what you need to produce high-quality, memorable content.

  • A tripod, so that your phone or camera is kept still, avoiding any shakiness. Great shots start with stability. It also helps with types of shots – portrait, landscape, or close-ups.
  • Lights, because bad lighting is very noticeable. Ring lights are a great, cost-effective option.
  • A camera is a great investment for the best quality photos and videos. But, with phones being so advanced, your phone camera will do until you have enough to bag that Canon or Nikon DSLR.
  • A microphone, because your fans want to hear you clearly! There’s nothing worse than muffled audio.
  • Background paper serves as a great backdrop for photos and videos. This touch will make your content seem thought out and well-executed. You could also purchase smaller ones for product images.

Now that you’ve shot your content, you’ll need to make some edits and tweaks to have it feed-ready. Templates, presets, each of my favorite apps boast features that make editing fun and are both mobile-friendly and user-friendly.

  • For video editing, I always go for Splice, Capcut or InShot.
  • If I’m working with photos, I gravitate towards VSCO, Adobe Lightroom and Tezza.
  • If I’m designing anything, from logos to video thumbnails, I always find myself on Canva, Studio or Unfold

Before posting anything, I use Preview or Planoly to see how everything will flow together.

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