5 Fashion Items You Need To Put Together Outfits For Work

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5 Fashion Items You Need To Put Together Outfits For Work

Christmas break is over which means it’s back to work, and back to reality. Although it’s always a bit tough to get back into the work rhythm, you can soften the blow by putting extra effort into your work outfits, making sure you’re feeling and looking great every time you step out the door. Here are five of my favorite fashion items that help me throw together some boss babe looks.

5 Fashion Items You Need To Put Together Outfits For Work

Power Suits

It’s literally in the name, and we love a coordinating top and bottom! A power suit will always bring out your inner girl boss and give you the power to be your most productive and fierce.

Minimal Blazers

If you know me by now, you know I love a good blazer! These pieces were literally made for work, but now you can have fun with them. Minimal blazers come in all kinds of fabrics, weights and lengths, making them super versatile. You can pair them with smart jeans, trousers, midi-skirts, culottes – you name it!

Simple Dresses

Every outfit is industry-dependent, but that shouldn’t stop you from pushing some fashion boundaries. If you work in a more corporate job, tunic, fit & flare and shift dresses will be your staple. They’re modern and professional at the same time. If you’re in more of a creative field, you can play around with chic wrap dresses, maxi dresses and t-shirt dresses. Just make sure to ALWAYS keep it simple.

Statement Jewelry

Turn your everyday work ‘fit into something extraordinary with just one piece of statement jewelry! Whether you’re a necklace, earrings or bracelet kinda girl, let your jewelry do the talking for you.

Comfortable Shoes

When you’re working 9 – 5, comfortable shoes are a must. But, you don’t need to sacrifice your style for comfort. If you love heels, try out block heels, mules, Mary-Janes, or block heel boots. They’re all professional, sleek and comfortable. If flats are more your game, you can always rely on Birkenstocks or smart leather sneakers.

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