2022 Fashion Trends

Moving into the colder months means more time spent at home in our sweats browsing the 2022 fashion trends! The overarching theme is nostalgia, as we see low-rise jeans, bubble dresses, vivid colors, and cut-outs all making a comeback. Carry on reading for a deep dive!

Platform Shoes
2022 is all about chunky soles. Flatforms, clogs, loafers – they’re all in, and the micro heels are out (for now).

Mini Skirts
They were at their peak when we were teens, and now they’re back. Mini skirts are here, cuter and shorter than ever.

Big Leather Jackets
Leather jackets are timeless. Add some bulkiness to them and you have a chic 90s look that’ll compliment any outfit.

Low-Rise Pants
We never thought we’d see the day low-rise pants would make a comeback, yet here we are! Skintight or baggy, there’s an option for all.

According to Pantone, purple is the official color of 2022, and we’re here for it! Full purple or tinges laced through your outfit, purple is the color of the year.

Carefully placed cutouts are in. Be brave with your next look, a little skin never hurt anyone!

Bra Tops
Bra tops are officially “real tops” – FINALLY! Peaking out under a jacket or an oversized coat, these tops scream sexy and sophisticated.

Bright Bags
Any color of the rainbow, any hue, any shade, any pattern – bright bags is the statement piece you need this year.

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