The real shiT

Hi, I’m Pau Joaristi and I’m so glad you are here.

Like many, I am an entrepreneur who is passionate about fashion, the digital world and all the opportunities they give us to create valuable strategies and active communities.

I was born and raised in my tropical paradise, Costa Rica, and had the incredible opportunity of living in cities like Washington, Boston, New York, Miami, and Madrid. Each of these places taught me beautiful lessons thanks to the experiences I had.

But how did I get here? Well, communication has always seemed just fascinating to me.  It is the science of understanding how to create strategic messages, use them to tell a story and convey emotions. That translates into multiple business opportunities that can open many doors. That is why I studied strategic communications in college and I in graduate school.

“Anyone can post a beautiful photo on their social networks or receive a lot of likes, but few people really manage to generate valuable content that has a real impact off the screen.”

I love creating lasting relationships and being able to give you the tools necessary for your business to grow. If you are interested in developing a digital strategy for your personal brand or for your products, contact me!